Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Human and the Hamster

Yesterday was Ryan's big day with the hamster egg. I often told people he had to have sex with a hamster, but that was a far stretch from the truth. They just put Ryan's little swimmers with a specially prepared hamster egg to see if the sperm could penetrate the outer layer of the egg as they should do with a normal human egg. I joked around with co-workers that I would be bringing home a half human/half hamster for their kid's show-and-tell. Twisted and wrong, I know, but it's a way to deal with the issue of infertility. We have to find some way to laugh at ourselves, right? Well, we won't know the results until October 19, which is when we go in for our in vitro consultation with Dr. Keye. I'm actually pretty excited to be moving forward. I'm still scared to death as to how we will be able to afford treatment, but I'm hopeful we will finally find our family that we have been searching for, for what feels like forever.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Results of the Ultrasound

Today I met with Dr. Hammoud. It was our first time meeting each other. He's a nice enough man. He hurried and did my ultrasound. It worried me that he did it too fast, but I guess he really knows what he's doing. He said I have only 1 small cyst on the left ovary and I'm fine to continue on meds. I guess it's a good thing that's all that was found. It could have been much worse. I left feeling really frustrated for some reason. I had to go down to Timpanogos Hospital and get a blood test, again, to make sure I'm okay to continue taking meds (they have to make sure I'm not pregnant. I think I would know, but whatever). At least they give you the cool wrist band to make you feel important. Ryan called me on the way home and I just cried and cried. I'm so sorry, Ryan. I hate that you have to hear me cry. Mom brought me lunch and brought Chloe over for a little visit before I had to start up work again. Let's just say today has been a little bit exhausting emotionally, but I'll get through it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Dreaded Day

I have a fear my best friend is coming for a visit today. This means my day 3 ultrasound will be Thursday, the only day Ryan has a full day of classes and can't come with me to the U of U. Why can't we just control the timing of the curse? It always comes at such inconvenient times. Let me just give you some examples of when we've had to do tests: Holidays, Sundays, the days Ryan can't be with me (which are usually few), busiest work days, etc. Really? Come on!